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Kenworth Dump Trucks

Kenworth Dump Trucks

The Kenworth. It falls under the Paccar banner, so it will be interesting to see how the Kenworth dump trucks compare to other dump trucks under Paccar production.

The Kenworth models are ordered numerically, and we only include the ones still in production as of mid-2020. For example, you can still purchase a used T660, but their production halted in 2017.

Kenworth T270

The T270, a true Class 6 vehicle rated at 26,000 lbs GVW, is available as a dump truck and can be configured for non-CDL operation to broaden your pool of drivers.

Start with a versatile, rugged, and reliable chassis capable of tackling the toughest jobs. Then add advantages like contemporary aerodynamic styling, great visibility, excellent maneuverability, a driver-pleasing premium interior, and quick single point daily maintenance checks. These are trucks you can count on.

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Kenworth T370

The Class 7 T370, as a dump truck, offers a GVW range from 26,001 to 66,000 lbs. It is a multi-dimensional performer to suit almost any load.

The T370 comes with state-of-the-art engine options for maximum power with excellent fuel economy and longevity, a wide range of axle and suspension capacities optimized to your loads and your roads, and many different manual and automatic transmission choices for just the right gearing no matter how long your driver has spent behind the wheel of a truck.

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Kenworth T440

The T440 features modern aerodynamic styling, excellent visibility and maneuverability, superior ergonomics, and a fuel-efficient powertrain – all, in a robust chassis design meant to deliver more value over the long-haul or short-haul.

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Kenworth T800

The PACCAR MX engines, axles, and PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission were designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with Kenworth trucks. Put them in a Kenworth truck, and the T800 possesses the strength and versatility to tackle whatever task your business can throw at it.

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Kenworth T880

The next time your job load requires maximum effort, dispatch the one truck that’s equipped to handle it: your Kenworth T880.

The T880 has the strength, stamina and operating economy you need to get the job done. Trucks at this size are becoming bulky, so these larger trucks are better when maneuverability is not a top priority over raw power.

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Kenworth W900

Since its initial production almost sixty years ago (1961), the Kenworth W900 has been a standard in heavy-duty trucking, but it can also be used as a dump truck to carry heavy loads, say, from a quarry to a construction site on the other side of the county.

As with the sister T800 (and most vehicles on this list unless specially modified), the W900 comes with Paccar powertrains to give the truck it needs to complete the haul.

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Kenworth W990

Presence, power, and personal style wrapped in a world-class design that redefines the long hood conventional. For professional drivers, the W990 represents the ultimate reward that stands for their dedication and sense of pride.

The video above shows the W990 hauling livestock, but the W990 is more than capable of working as a dump truck. When it comes to Kenworth hauling, it is hard to get much better than this.

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Paccar purchased the Kenworth business in 1945 and has been utilizing the brand strongly since. No matter which model you purchase as a dump truck, you are sure to get a dependable vehicle that can get your jobs done.